Sustainable agriculture in a modern way.Transforming the future of agriculture with Agricultural Drones and Digital Innovation.

In the current landscape of Japanese agriculture, challenges such as the decline and aging of the farming population, the discontinuity of agricultural know-how due to generational shifts, and the impact of factors like climate change have created increased uncertainty in agriculture.​
Nileworks aims to address these challenges by introducing digital technologies to assist in labor-saving, knowledge transfer, and quality improvement in farming. We will create innovations that will support agriculture in the future.​​

MissionOur mission

Re-defining agriculture
Through the connection of new technology and innovations
Technology × CreativityReimagining the Future of Agriculture

The future of agriculture hinges on the fusion of technology and creativity. Our goal is not just to digitally streamline tasks such as farming, sales, management, and applications, but to prioritize the spirit of 'hands-on craftsmanship.' We aim to introduce digital technology in a way that respects the expertise cultivated by farmers, striving for efficiency and automation in agricultural practices. We aspire to be a leading force in the era of smart agriculture, bringing happiness to everyone involved in agriculture – from farmers to consumers and all stakeholders.