MessageMessage from the President

With Agricultural Drones and Digital Innovation
we are connecting the next generation to a
'New Agriculture'

Nileworks' 'Agricultural Drone' was born to enhance Japanese agriculture.
With a focus on high-precision, fully automated flight, effective pest control, and safety,
it has been on the market since 2018, conducting over 10,000 hectares of pest control nationwide.
Equipped with a dedicated camera, the drone captures close-up images of crops.
Leveraging this globally rare and valuable asset, we drive 'Agricultural Digital Innovation,'
digitizing all agricultural data, supporting daily farming operations, and
preserving accumulated cultivation expertise for future generations.

We are excited to share this expertise with you outside of Japan in the hopes that it will be of
mutual benefit and we look forward to working with you.

Nileworks map
Nileworks Drone in field

Aging populations, decreasing agricultural workforce, business succession, climate fluctuations, poverty – there is a myriad of challenges that exist in today’s society. Nileworks is has high aspirations, we want to be a company that solves various challenges in agriculture. We want to hear firsthand about the challenges from Famers, and utilizing cutting-edge technology to propose the 'new agriculture,' and connect it with the next generation as a sustainable agricultural solution.

Company President and representative Director

Yasuhiro Kojima